Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we go!!

It's here. The packing is done (well just about). The good-byes have been said. The time has come.

It has been a fairly emotional week for me. Wrapping up everything at work, then finally saying good-bye to everyone was quite the surreal feeling. Walking out the door knowing I won't be back until July was invigorating and scary at the same time. Coming home to my husband Tim, knowing that it is the last couple of days that we have together for some time, just made the hugs so much sweeter.

I went to my first teacher, Linda's class on Friday. She has been mentoring me and supporting me for the past couple of months. Class ended and she said a few words about me going to training... and it just felt right.

(me and Linda after Friday's class) Then this morning, I went to my last class at my studio for 9 weeks. What a feeling!! It was absolutely amazing. My husband came with me, which made it even more special. He's only been to class 3 other times (we say he goes once a year...). but this was his fourth bikram class... 2nd time this year :) and he did awesome. Stayed in the room, did practically every posture, and gave me a big high-five and a kiss when we were done. My brother, sister and one of my best friends were there, too. I felt so supported by the people closest to me. I got some presents from some fellow yogis and lots of hugs and good wishes on my way out. This is real. I am off... what a feeling...

(Me and Tim.. sweaty and smilin' after my last class before training!)
(My brother Mike and I at our recooperation wall.)
(Mike, Michele, Jocelyn (my sister), me and Tim)
(me and Ryan, who taught my last class in Auburn before my departure!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time flies!!

WOW!!! Time sure flies when you're having fun!!! Well, I can't necessarily say it has been ALL fun. The past 4 weeks at work have been absolutely crazy. I have been so drained after work that the last thing I've wanted to do is hit the books. The glass of wine has been oh-so much more appealing! But besides the craziness at work, life has been great. Two weekends ago we had a open house so that my friends and fam could come and visit with me and say their good byes. I truly felt loved and could not believe everyone who showed up to wish me well on my journey. It was an absolute blast.

The week went along after the party, and then suddenly Friday happened. My emotions went thru the roof! Just thinking that this past weekend was my last weekend home with my husband really hit home. I started packing on Saturday and stood their amidst all my crap and just started bawling. I can't help but think that I just might end up being "that girl" in training... you know, the one who is an emotional wreck! :) I don't know. Maybe not. I hope that once I am there and into the swing of things, I can just let all of this emotional stuff go. It's just hard right now knowing I won't fall asleep with Tim every night.

So have I mentioned that I am leaving in 6 days? Yah... 6 freaking days!! This thing that was so far away such a short time ago is now right around the corner. My excitement that I felt a couple of weeks ago has definitely warped into nervousness and anxiety. I'm a little bit upset with myself for slacking on my studying for the past couple of weeks, which makes me even more anxious. But I keep telling myself that when I am there at training, this is ALL I WILL BE DOING. And you know what? I AM really excited about that.

My brain is going in about 20 different directions right now, so I'm cutting this short, even though it has been a while. There are lists to make and check boxes to check!! Have I said.... 6 DAYS!?!?!