Thursday, February 17, 2011

Point of focus

I've got a phenomenal post brewing... but my writing is sort of lacking right now.  So I will continue to let it cook in hopes of my idea becoming reality soon.

In the meantime, I've discovered something in Standing Bow Pulling Pose.  After 6 years of practicing and a year and a half (huh??) of teaching under my belt, I've heard something new in the dialogue.  Thanks to one of my mentors, Linda, I have recognized that I was missing a key point of dialogue in my class.  "Concentrate one point on your left knee in the mirror."  I think I was saying something after "Bring your arm up..." like "Bring your knees together to start.  Lock your standing knee."  That was it.  So I had what I was saying wrong.  Easily fixable.  (Well, after a couple of weeks, I finally had it fixed.)  This may be the first time I have actually heard it though.  That is totally a lie.  I've heard it.  I just chose to focus on my face, I guess... or maybe the tip of my fingers in the mirror, depending on the day.

Guess what?  One day a few weeks ago, I decided, ok, ok... I'll concentrate one point on my knee.  I have not looked away yet!  The power of that point of focus helps me hold the posture so much longer, stronger and powerfully than I EVER would have expected.  As in, I can consistently hold Standing Bow Pulling Pose for 90 - 100% of the duration now.  What??  Such a simple thing! 

And now, I'm teaching it the right way, and getting other students to understand that point of focus, and their postures are improving, too.  Of course, like me though, many choose not to hear it or not to listen or not to try it.  And that's ok.  We all have our own time.  We all find what we need when we need it.  But hot-diggity!  Try it!! 

(Side note:  I am pregnant.  My hips are more open.  I am more flexible.  And the big baby belly just loves this posture.  It is easier for me than it has ever been.  I attribute this to my new point of focus AND being pregnant.  I'm curious to see what happens with this posture post-pregnancy.  But for now, I'm just reveling in it!)